Are you Listening?

So much fear in listening! My motto is if you hear, see or feel something two or more times then PAY ATTENTION! Sometimes I get my own messages and sometimes I get messages from people around me who don’t even know what they have said or done is a message, and sometimes I call upon intuitive friends and therapists for help with a message. Sometimes a message is a confirmation on maybe what we’ve been thinking or feeling, sometimes it’s guidance on the next step, and sometimes it’s the answer that we need. Different in every situation.

I’ve been playing with oracle cards for many years. I have always just used them for myself or maybe trade card reads with some friends or if a message comes to pull cards for someone.. Just recently I keep getting to offer remote spiritual counselling readings. I’m not sure why this particular deck/spread. You ask a question or tell me a concern your looking for guidance on. This spread will help guide you as to what is blocking you, how to heal the blockage and the outcome. If you are getting a message that you need a message from me – please contact me. $25 – I will write out your reading and text or email it to you.

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