Are you ready?? Time for Change..

As I say good by to some old things.. Sakura Healing Center, emails, possibly some people.. I shed a tear, yet at the same time feel a beautiful energy, a lightness, an excitement of what’s to come.

It was important to me to start sharing today in honor of my late friend Grace.  Although she has been gone for 6 years, she’s still been helping me on my journey.  Her message to me and everyone is to BE who you BE!

Let’s heal, move on, raise our vibrations!  Love ourselves!  Be who we Be!  It’s time!

Are you ready?  Raise your hands up, surrender, accept!

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  1. Carol Carter

    Love that photo of you❤️

  2. Deborah

    Change is always good!!! Congrats on your new name & your new beautiful website, I Love it!!!

  3. Charlotte Filipchuk

    You go girl!!!! Be free to be!!‍♀️
    Thank you for assisting me on my journey to wellness!

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