As many of us are riding the waves of the shift. This new lighter energy has got me feeling so much gratitude. With this Awakening of a higher consciousness, feelings of lightness and love. Again, the trick is keeping it! I think to keep this higher perspective/consciousness we need to spend alot of time with ourselves and be careful of who we surround ourselves with. I want to surround myself with people who keep me in a higher energy field. People who support each other and love each other. Really respect who we truly are, even if we are different from each other, or have different views, etc..

Gratitude for everything and everyone. Gratitude for every lesson and struggle. As through all of this we clear and heal what is not needed and we get a different perspectives on life. It’s through these lessons/healing and our awakening that help connect us to our higher self. A place where we love ourselves fully, which then we can understand and love others better, which then creates a better energy for ourselves, the people around us and the earth.

If you are ascending at the moment, I hope you are feeling this light energy and having gratitude for everything around you. Spend time with yourself. Take care of yourself. Acknowledge you/the true you. Stay in the present. Choose to be open and live consciously. Spend time breathing, meditating..

Spend time giving thanks..

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