Healing is tough!

No matter what we are healing.. Our mental health, our body, our spirit/universal connection – it is hard! I believe it’s all connected!

I’ve been receiving so many messages lately. One of them for me, is to put myself out there. I don’t exactly know what it all means yet because I feel as though there are a few subtitles to that message. For one, realizing I’m to be sharing pieces of this healing journey I’m going through right now, Be who You Be. This is scary! Hence why I haven’t did anything with this blog yet. lol Fear! Vulnerability! Shame! I realize these negative feels are with me from others.

Love is our highest frequency. It all begins with ourselves. We need to truly love ourselves.. When we achieve this, it is so hard to keep this high frequency. My healing journey is long.. I should probably write a book! lol It’s been an interesting few years.. I’m realizing why this frequency is so hard to keep. People see this frequency in us. It’s beautiful, it’s LOVE! Things seem to flow more with ease, glory and joy. This frequency is positive. We see with love, digging for the positive even in the worst situations but clear to the big picture. I love this frequency! It’s hard to keep! Lately I’ve been at least having waves of it!! On this beautiful healing journey there are always challenges and lessons.

For me, I’ve realized how many energy suckers are around me. I feel like they all have big beacons on their heads! Some of them were shocking to me but quickly made sense! I still love them but just want to love them from a distance! I know why they are this way, it is because they don’t have enough love for themselves. I continue to see deeper into your heart at the beautiful person you truly can be and send you loving energy. Hoping and praying that one day soon you will feel this great love for yourself!

The other thing I realize is that I keep other peoples things. Without mentioning names.. I’ve had a few falling outs! Always, there way to me. They have a problem with me. I have no problem with them but yet I realize I’m carrying guilt, sadness.. Not my issue! Ah.. things slowly start to feel lighter. More room for good energy!

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  1. Tracey


  2. Carol

    So honest and real!!! That’s why I love you!

  3. Dragonfly

    In one of the online courses I took recently it was mentioned that empathic people or light workers are having a similar challenge all over the world Carol. The challenge of people being upset with them for what appears to be no reason.

    What was shared is that, as everyone is coming back into the world and out of their own bubbles, everyone is needing to re-adjust to the new normal. As you take your light and love energy out into the world people are impacted by it, and for some it is just too overwhelming for them to assimilate and so they respond by pushing back. Not sure if this is what you were experiencing but It sure captures some of the experiences I’ve had lately.

    Once again, thanks always for sharing your light Carol.

  4. Sue


  5. Mandy

    So Beautiful thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, as they help others heal and grow if and when they are ready. Love you with my whole heart and soul

  6. Lori

    Thank you Carol.
    You sharing your journey and the opportunity to heal through your experiences and wisdom is such a beautiful gift you are giving all of us.
    Our most recent visits have been so profound and I always love your gentle urging for wellness and how even though you acknowledge your fear you are always open to what the Universe is bringing you. I am so blessed for being part of your circle and thank you for sending me your blog link. This is just great and I love that I can access the messages over again when my heart needs and I can share you with others. ❤️

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