Ok.. Ok.. I’m listening!

The whole story –

At the beginning of this year I got the message to blog. Not exactly knowing what a blog was..

It was one very cold day and I stayed home from work because our vehicles wouldn’t start. That day on block therapy office hours meeting they had a professional blogger as a guest and I was able to attend. Learnt abit about blogging and did my first post on my old website. Then got the message to change my business name for new energy and start my blog on my new website. Still don’t know what my blog is to be about. Concentrated on name change, website.. then got the message that the blog was to teach and help people by sharing. This healing journey I’m going through right now started June 23, I launched my website/new name July 1 and quickly realized I was to blog about my healing journey and I quickly started retracting.

Abit of History..

I have a dementia dog, he is sweet, but alot of work and challenging. Night is bad for all of us. We don’t sleep much or well most nights. Work has been quite hard the past few years. Not just a few people have some stuff going on, we all have stuff going on! I realize I can’t do more shiatsu then I’m doing to be good for my people.

A few weeks ago, we had a few bad sleeping nights, work was heavy & tough and I was crabby. My thoughts that day were about quitting doing shiatsu. I still love it but just how much shiatsu and life have been taking from me.. I don’t want to feel that. That evening I decide to apply for a job and the next day converse with the lady and we were going to set up an interview via email. I forget if it was this same day or the next day.. All in one day; my transmission went in my car that I just purchased in June (My transmission in another vehicle went last year just before shut down too!), I got offered two new office spaces to work in, and my current location offered to renew my lease. My only thoughts were on transmission. WTF – two transmissions in just over a year!?? What’s the message?.. My head is too crazy so I go to my cards. I pull Rose Quartz Card from my crystal oracle deck. Meaning – Blessings! You are literally being bathed in love, light and healing energy by the Universe and those who clearly love and treasure you. I thought at the time, oh my gosh my energy is off.(when I look back now, I get it). So I reach out to my bf and ask for a card pull/message on transmission. Card was very relevant but still didn’t feel I got message on transmission. I think I just needed it to be more blunt. I reach out to another intuitive friend and see if she can pick up a message for me about transmission. Her message – An omen or sign to do with wanting a job. The healing arts are more for you. The Universe is trying to stop you from going elsewhere to get a job.

OK.. Ok.. I’m listening! For now, all I know is that I’m not quitting shiatsu and I’m waiting for the next messages.

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  1. Carol

    You certainly have a lot on your plate. I hope things start going your way!

  2. Dawn

    Wow thank god you got the message not to quit doing shiatsu. You have a very special gift and I for one am very thankful for all of the help you have given me through all of the years I have known you.

  3. Margarete Koester

    Good morning dear Carol, we are touched reading all you blog postings – and thank you so much. It is inspiring us to listen as well more to our inner voices. And thank you for not quitting your shiatsu. This is a gift you have with your healing hands and kind and loving personality. We will contact you soon. Love and blessings, Margarete and Wofgangg

  4. Doris Friesen

    Good afternoon Carol, thank you for not quitting shiatsu, I really think it has helped me a lot! So you surrendered to the universe, did you know that God created the universe? It says in Hebrews 1:3 that “He upholds the universe by the
    Word of his power!!! I think that is so awesome, anyway have a good day!!

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