Wow, it’s been a few months.. Relationships have kept coming up for me for the past few moons… I’ve been noticing how connected my healing and messages are with moon cycles. Full moon yesterday.

You may have also been thinking and pondering relationships the last few months. There is alot of uncertainty and stress around us lately. We may be thinking we don’t know certain people anymore. We may not be appreciating some people the same way we did. My question is..?? Are you taking good care of yourself? Making time for yourself? Most people I talk to have got themselves all wound up in the stress around them and can’t even seem to fit in 3mins for themselves! Can’t shake other peoples energy? How much time are you spending on keeping yourself balanced? I see empaths are struggling with the overload of emotion from others, yet they won’t take a moment to themselves. BREATHE!! Take multiple moments a day to take some deep breaths. Doing this helps center and ground us. As an empath you need to know YOU!! There are many other tools to help cope with stress and the overload of emotions from others.. Journaling is a good way to not keep things, meditation.. Go see someone if you need to! Many wonderful therapists out there! See a doctor if needed. Take care of YOU – the most important relationship.

For me I realize every relationship is for a reason. Although I may not appreciate the person or the type of relationship, I govern myself accordingly.. I truly love everyone. I try to see the good in people or understand at least why they are acting or being the way they are. We need to make decisions about how close we keep our people. If we know how we feel and want to feel, this helps us choose who we should keep closer to us and who we should love from afar at the moment. My biggest thing in relationships is respect and truth. I’ve had to push away or let go of some people lately who haven’t been giving me respect. I pray for you guys!

My last thing is for my empathic friends! These are crazy times! EVERYONE has something going on!! Overwhelming to an empath! For me, especially during high stress times, I need more time to myself! Don’t feel selfish.. you will be better for your family and friends. When we know how we are truly feeling (physically and emotionally) we can then quickly acknowledge that this is not my junk when you are picking up from others. Life is tough enough, do you need to be carrying other peoples stuff as well!!??

Having a good relationship with yourself is going to get you to have good relationships around you! This is your life!

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  1. Sue

    Love this, thank you!

  2. Lori

    Thank you Carol. This is so timely.

  3. Carol

    Well said!

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