Spring – March 20, 2022

Another Master number! Spring Equinox! Powerful Energy!

A change in season. A shift in energy.

Today – a master number in numerology. Enhanced energy.. frequency shifts, downloads. A good time to take a moment to ground ourselves, breathe, meditate.. Take advantage of this new energy, and reflect on the changes you would like within (relationship with yourself) and the changes you’d like around you (relationships with other’s). Keeping in line with our Universal purpose this year – relationships.

Remember the Universe wants to help us. These heightened energy events are different for everyone. Remember that everything happens when and how it is suppose to. You may be ascending with this energy, you may be doing some deep healing, you may be downloading and maybe you don’t feel anything is happening. Whatever the case, it is the right thing for you. Trust. We need to all start trying to live in the present. Live intuitively. Get rid of fear, guilt, shame and do what it takes to live our true soul purpose. Be who you Be. If you can’t, focus on loving yourself more! Don’t be afraid to get help.

This is a great time to write in your journal. Stay grounded, breathe, meditate. Clean/clear things that are holding stagnant energy. Cleanse/clear your body. Get ready for the renewed energy, a renewed spirit. Happy Spring!

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